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sky splendor

Is it true that human minds
are not equipped to face the
realities of non-material
existence–that it is too
frightening for any mortal
to bear?

It is true when we first begin
to perceive other realities,
we question all we were taught.
The awakening is a house of cards
waiting to fall.

But once we accept what we now
perceive comes the realization
of the incredible possibilities.
Our world is layered and we have
the ability to move within these
other worlds. As we fully awaken
to our abilities, mankind shifts
into the being he was meant to

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Life is a Riddle yet to be Solved


I recently read an article on Time Magazine titled The Missing Universe by Michael D. Lemonick.  In the article, the author claims that “the Universe is a lot of things, but easy to understand isn’t one of them.”

He goes on to explain that 80% of the Universe’s mass is “missing”, and that “Galaxies spin so fast, they would fly apart if the gravity of some unseen mass weren’t keeping them intact.” What is believed to keep these Galaxies together is called “dark matter.”

The truth of the matter is that we can only see 5% of the Universe, of which we call “visible matter”.

The main idea of the article is to show how part of the mystery about so called “dark matter” has become more clearly understood thanks to a spectrometer aboard the International Space Station.

Either way, the article clearly states that “both dark matter and ordinary matter make up all the mass that exists,” which only makes up 32% of the Universe. The other 68% remains a complete mystery.


Most human beings reject the idea that the majority of our reality is much too complicated for us to fully comprehend.  This makes us feel vulnerable and weak, part of the reason many choose to grab onto religion as a way to shed some “light” on such mysteries, even though these beliefs and values were created, for the most part, by people themselves at a time when most were convinced that the Earth was as flat as a coin. Conversely, many refuse to accept the fact that humans, by way of empirical science, have not been able to fully decipher the totality of everything.

Back to the notion that there are things around us –not only floating around in the Universe but right beside us, within us, and in places we do not know exist- which we cannot see, though sometimes feel.

We are convinced we live in a Universe of three spatial dimensions and one of time. But what if there is so much more to it than that?

Many people throughout history have claimed to perceive entities that science has not been able to explain, which the mainstream media is reticent to mention. A great deal  of  such phenomena are often brushed off as simple “delusions of the mind” or, when caught on camera, a “problem” with the lens. In many cases this has turned out to be true. But there is an unprecedented amount of evidence that can be considered tangible, leaving many so called experts in a state of bewilderment, some of which may be native to this Earth (Spirits?), others which may be of much farther origins (UFO’s?).

Video of unsolved phenomenon caught on Google Earth in Texas, USA:

More pictures.

ghost woman II


Another strange object caught by news cameras yet unperceivable by the naked eye:

In some of my previous blogs I have written about the orbs I caught on camera while visiting a small town supposedly condemned by inter-dimensional beings (or spirits, as many prefer to believe), a place where I was also warned that strange, inivisible things sometimes follow visitors back to their homes.

Taken by myself:


A few days after returning from my trip, which I found rather interesting, I was awoken when the light above me, in my bedroom, turned on by itself at around five o’clock in the morning, normally only possible if someone pulls the chain below the light bulb.

At that moment I felt a strange presence inside the room, and even though I could not see anyone inside, I was unable to control the horrific sensation that I was being diligently observed. Someone was in the room with me.

I didn’t hesitate to grab my camera and take some pictures of random parts of the room. Then I ran to my computer and studied the pictures on the wide screen. In one of the pictures was a very strange alteration in the image, like a small circle or bubble of some sort, just below the window, what may have been an orb, a true mystery to most, considered by many to be conscious bodies of energy not perceivable by the naked eye. Or even a kind of ghost.

Whoever was watching me, I honestly believe in the possibility that I had caught him, her, or it on camera. See for yourself.

Taken by myself.


So what are these things? Flying objects which no one sees on a regular basis (most of us don’t get the chance to see them at all, ever). Bizarre forms and shapes found in developed pictures, many of which may be simple specs of dust or glare from a light, many of which are not.

The fact of the matter is, there is so much more to our reality than any human being on Earth will ever be able to grasp, no matter how educated or intelligent he or she may claim to be.

Remember, according to some of the most world renowned physicists, 68% of the Universe remains a mystery.

I personally believe it’s more than that.

Tangible Expressions


Words are the confirmation of our thoughts, are they not?

Most individuals don’t realize how powerful our words can actually be. They may possess a greater degree of energy and power than the average human being on Earth can fathom.

But what if some people may actually be keen enough to literally see and feel the words of others as if they were literally sparks of energy?

Tangible Expressions is the story about a man named Willis Diamond who actually possesses this capability, and much more.

Willis lost his beloved wife, Natalie, in an automobile accident only a few months ago. Stricken with grief, he takes the advice of his psychiatrist and goes on a little vacation into the wilderness. Here he stumbles upon a cave and is lured in by a powerful scent, that of his deceased wife’s favorite perfume.

“Nattie´s fragrance had increased to the point where I could not only smell her but feel her all around me, a hint of her presence in each and every droplet of the cool, moist air.”

Here he discovers an underground river from another dimension, a substance which alters his life, forever.

After immersing himself in the liquid, Willis can now perceive more about our world than he would have ever imagined possible. He can see the auras of those around him like lanterns, he can peek into people’s minds, and most of all, he can see the energy of people’s words as they speak.

Not only can he see them, he can be taken by them.

When a specific event in time is verbally mentioned by an individual, Willis appears to lose consciousness while his soul is sucked into that very moment. After a great deal of practice, he is able to acquire enough energy to move things around while in the past, now aware that he possesses the power to modify history.


 “After my beloved Nattie’s tragic death” Willis tells us, “a part of me was empty, a portion of my very own soul had been violently torn off. My Nattie was gone.

“I had been living the following seven months in agony, never actually growing accustomed to such terrible loneliness. And never would I have imagined there might actually be a way to alter it all.”

Willis later realizes he can only stay in the past for a short period of time before everything around him begins to melt away like ice-cream on a hot day.


Nevertheless, he sets out on a mission to alter the past by preventing a tragedy he believes should have never taken place to begin with, aspiring to bring back the woman he once loved more than anything in the world.

Little would have Willis suspected the dangers of attempting to defy the laws of physics and alter a past which has already been set in stone.

Go ahead, take a step into Willis Diamond’s bizarre world and see what happens……


Tangible Expressions Goodreads comments:

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Orbs in our World



I took this picture  while on a trip to a small town in  Central Florida named Cassadaga.

Some of you may be wondering, “what’s that white glowing ball near the tree?”

I was wondering the same exact thing after seeing it on my computer screen the very next day, even though this was exactly what I had been looking for that night as I roamed through the town with a group of so called paranormal investigators.

Cassadaga is notorious for activity which many consider to be beyond human understanding. Many so called mediums and psychics reportedly attempt to communicate, even invoke, the nonliving on a daily basis here. Could this have something to do with the strange appearances which are well known to appear in people’s pictures in this literal ghost town?

That’s anyone’s guess.

One thing is for sure, however, modern human beings, those of us known as Homo Sapiens, have only inhabited this planet for roughly 200,0000 years. Though our brains have evolved enough for us to acquire a great deal of knowledge and understanding with regards to the nature of the world around us, there still remains an astronomical percentage of our planet, our Universe, our very own reality, that has yet to be fully deciphered, and probably never will be.

I advise you to take a closer look at the orb in the picture to see how truly amazing it is.

There are many theories as to what this may be. From a mere speck of dust in the lens (which I disproved by merely taking a number of other pictures with the same camera that did not show the same speck anywhere) to spirits, angels or mere balls of energy from another world.


I only wish I had a clear answer.


What do you think?


Feel free to share your beliefs…….


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Letting go…..

I often wonder what the average person is missing out on every day. Today’s societies are so much more preoccupied with acquiring material wealth, rushing to work day in and day out in order to “make a living” and purchase the so called modern day necessities. On our off time many of us prefer to spend those precious moments in front of the television or surfing the internet in order to entertain our fragile minds and unwind. And before we know it we have to get back to our habitual routines, always rushing, often under stress, never taking the time to even notice the things around us that are unseen and rarely mentioned.


But what about those of us who take the time to separate ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the city and take a genuine rest out in nature in order to clear our heads? It seems as though people are able to do this less and less frequently, now that we take our daily routines with us everywhere we go. I recently went camping with a friend who, instead of appreciating the peace and quiet of the surrounding wilderness around us, spent the entire time immersed in his I-Phone either stressing about the next week’s “work” that had to be done or chatting with other friends about some crazy new video on YouTube.

It was as if he had never left the influences of city life, and never will.

So the question is: What are we missing out on?


I recently finished a book which talks about why it is important to let go of the past and stop worrying about the future, titled The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. The author emphasizes the importance of meditation in order to get in contact with our true state of illumination, which is possible among all of us if we can only learn let go of our egos and our infatuation with time, both the present and the future.

road rage

Admittedly, I have attempted meditation which enabled me, at least temporarily, to become more aware of the world around me while in such a timeless, mindless state, though I will admit I have not been able to go as deep as others have achieved. My younger brother has meditated on a number of occasions and claims he is on a mission to achieve what is known as astral projection, or a kind of peek into the spirit world. According to him, if one is able to find themselves in a state of astral projection, not only might one be able to perceive beings which would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye, but it is also possible to visit, at least in a nonphysical manner, places otherwise impossible in the physical world.



According to some popular belief, under such a stress free state, one can actually observe others in far away places without ever being perceived, like possessing the abilities of a ghost without the inconvenient necessity of having to die first. Some of this may sound extremely far-fetched to some, and I will admit I have never experienced such things myself, but I do believe that if one is able to reach a certain level of consciousness, anything is possible.

As previously mentioned, however, one must be able to let go of all thoughts, all worries past and future, and focus on the present. Not allow any mundane noises or distractions to bring us back. Let go of all anger, frustration, fear, stress. And open the mind and soul, enabling ourselves to tap into an ability we never knew we possessed associated with the events of the past and the illusion of the future.

Finding oneself in such a state can also be an extremely peaceful and gratifying experience where one may finally become aware of the natural interconnectedness of the real world and all living things around us instead of that constant illusion of separation which often fuels such terrible emotions like hate and envy.

If mankind can learn to let go and appreciate the true nature of the world around us without being anchored by our negative emotions and daily routines, maybe the world can be a better place after all.