Opening our minds in a mystic world

We were told that we are the creation of God, a sentient, superior being who initially left a man and a woman who went by the names of Adam and Eve. Later we were told that we are the product of evolving apes. We were told that after we die our souls either go to heaven or to hell, depending on our lifetime behavior. Later we were told that there is no scientific explanation for a soul, that we are the mere product of organic material that ceases to exist once our hearts have stopped beating.

With globalization, we have learned about the existence of other cultures and beliefs along with completely contrasting ways of interpreting the world around us.

But which one harbors the absolute truth? Where do we come from and what is the meaning of life? Is all existence a mere coincidence or a creation from a conscious entity? This is something both religion and science have been attempting to explain for the longest time, an incendiary topic which has sparked controversy, even extreme forms of violence towards those with opposing views.

As odd as this may sound, I’ve been trying to decipher the meaning of life since I was an early adolescent and consider myself fortunate to not have been brought up with any strict dogmas which often hinder our ability to interpret things in a nonbiased manner. I am neither a creationist nor an atheist, nor Catholic nor Jewish.

However, after many years of deep reflection on the topic at hand, I have come to a basic conclusion which can be interpreted in many different ways. My beliefs with respect to what we consider reality can be summed up with a quote by the famous philosopher of ancient Greece, Plato, on his account of the fellow Greek Philosopher Socrates.

“I only know one thing, that I know nothing.”

Those who solely take into account hard, scientific evidence to interpret the world around us only believe what can be proven. We now know of the existence of atoms, the smallest elements of matter, and numerous scientific discoveries which have led to countless inventions such as the modern day automobile, and of course, today’s most remarkable and world changing creation: the internet.

So how could anybody discredit science? We’ve learned so much about the world around us, about the universe in which we live, and most recently, about planets in other solar systems with extremely high probabilities of harboring life.

But what about the things that have yet to be explained? What about the countless UFO sightings around the world that have yet to be debunked no matter how much effort is put forth by national governments? How could other life forms make it here from so far away? Isn’t that impossible? What about the evidence brought forth by paranormal investigators who have managed to show the world Electric Voice Phenomena (EVP), recorded voices in places believed to be filled with energies from individuals who have already perished?

Surely both loyal supporters of science as well as religious enthusiasts (so not to use the word “fanatics”) wouldn’t hesitate for a moment before coming up with a simple “answer” to these ambiguous occurrences. But do we really know and understand what’s out there? Or would a higher being with a superior level of intelligence regard us as being just as aware of our true surroundings the way the roaches in the pantry are aware of theirs?

Regardless of your credence, are you willing to open your mind to other possibilities? Have you had any strange experiences in life with the potential of contradicting what you might have been brought up to believe? A dream that turned out to be a premonition? A recurring déjàvu feeling?  Maybe even the possibility that a deceased family member or friend has been trying to deliver a message to you from beyond?


8 thoughts on “Opening our minds in a mystic world

  1. Almost forty years ago, my husband, a diabetic, had a near-death experience in which a bright light was trying to capture him. Cognizant that he may die, my husband did not want to leave his four-year-old son without a father and he escaped the light. Afterwards,a guardian angel, or some type of protector, would warn me when my husband had a serious insulin reaction while I was sleeping. My husband would call to me in my mind to help him or I felt I was dropped on the bed to wake me. My husband beat the odds as a diabetic and is free of complications. We now have four grandchildren whom we both enjoy. As a trained scientist, I can’t logically explain any of these incidents.

  2. I am a vibrational healing practictioner and in the higher vibration healing energy one encounters aspects of the paranormal world – that which we can’t see with our eyes but experience in other ways.

  3. Looking forward to reading more of what you write. I went from a 30 career in the pharmaceutical and medical industry to spiritual healing in Brazil. It was a huge jump that required a whole new way of looking at life. hugs, pat

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