What exactly are they? Has anybody throughout history been capable of deciphering them to an exact science?

Sigmund Freud, a 19th century neurologist widely known as the founding father of psychoanalysis, has suggested that dreams are unconscious wishes disguised as ambiguous images and other symbols.


Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist who founded the study known as analytical psychology, wrote in his book titled General Aspects of dream psychology, that although “dreams contribute to the self regulation of the psyche by automatically bringing up everything that is repressed or neglected or unknown, their compensatory significance is often not immediately apparent because we still have only a very incomplete knowledge of the nature and the needs of the human psyche.”

Whether we accept it or not, dreams remain a mysterious manifestation of the mind in many ways.


Even though I do agree with Freud and Jung’s interpretations of dreams and the fact that many are the mere manifestations of our hidden fears, aspirations and fantasies, the fact is there are still so many questions left unanswered.

Why do we sometimes dream about people we don’t know?

I’ve personally dreamed about certain people as if I’d somehow been acquainted with them forever, when in real life they don’t exist, at least to my knowledge.

Could these be the traces of deceased ancestors reverberating in our subconscious minds, or is there something more to it? Individuals who were once close to us in past lives, perhaps?


There have been times when I’ve considered the possibility of distinct parallel realities from other dimensions that mesh in one place as we sleep. We’ve all dreamt about places we’ve never actually been to before, but may seem utterly familiar in a peculiar way.

Maybe certain dreams are nothing more than modes of communication from extraterrestrials, or extradimensional beings; messages that our brains are not yet evolved enough to comprehend in their entirety.

Do our souls wonder into other realms after we close our eyes, allowing our minds to take a break from consciousness after a long day?

Personally, I have never shared a dream with someone else, at least not that I am aware of. However, an uncle of mine once told me that when he was a child he went through a period of experiencing the same exact nightmare with his brother, who was similar in age and lived in the same house.

They both dreamed about a little girl in a dark room, vaguely visible but with a clear voice.

She would count, softly at first, raising her voice with each number (“One…two…three…four”). Eventually her counting would turn into aggressive yelling (“five…six….seven!!!!).

This took place in the house where my father and uncles grew up, a place where I myself had lived as a child. And for years I suffered from nightmares about being caught inside a kind of labyrinth which originated in the basement and led further down into a place with hundreds of different rooms.


In these nightmares I would be lost, running around, trying to find my way out like a gerbil in an enormous, experimental cage. I would always end up in a small room where I’d find a girl, maybe somewhere around five or six years old, with only the whites of her eyes visible, no irises. This one never spoke.

Only until a few years ago did these strange subconscious manifestations finally stop haunting me. Sometimes I wonder if it was the little sister I never had (Read my blog titled “An unexpected visit”).

I find it a very strange coincidence that certain family members, years before I was born, happened to share a nightmare with a similar girl in that same exact house.

I personally believe there is a lot more to what happens after we close our eyes than what most people think.

Sweet dreams…..





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What exactly is energy? Energy is everywhere, everything. Sometimes we can perceive it. Sometimes we can’t, at least not at a fully conscious level.

I have personally experienced this first hand, and after reading a blog about dark energies and entities by Renate Hechenberger (http://coreonnewenergyenglish.wordpress.com/2012/07/13/entities-and-other-team-dark-energies/), I feel there is the possibility that I understand more about what takes place around us on a regular basis without our knowledge.

I believe all of us are influenced by unperceivable forms of energy from time to time, be it negative or positive. We might feel down or even sad for no apparent reason. Personally, there’ve been times when I have felt as though something external has suddenly passed through me and altered my mood.

The mind is such an amazing thing, however. This could be the mere product of a subconscious thought. We as humans are constantly reproducing different images in our minds (from how beautiful a day it is outside to how horrible it was when I broke my leg in the sixth grade to worries about the future, etc.) even though we may not realize it.  There is always a chance that these sudden changes in attitude may be brought upon by a familiar smell, or an image of something which may produce negative thoughts because of an unpleasant childhood experience buried deep in our subconscious.

Or, as Hechenberger’s assessment on the subject suggests, we may come in contact with something that may carry a load of negative energy, a doll that belonged to a girl who was physically abused, a chair previously used as a weapon, or even a place with a turbulent past.

I am personally fascinated by the topic and try to keep an open mind to all possibilities.

Furthermore, in Hechenberger’s blog, there is reference to how certain drugs, including alcohol and marijuana, can weaken our auras and therefore allow certain negative forms of energy, or entities, to invade us.

As comical as this may sound, some family members of mine once decided to help my grandmother alleviate her constant back pain by making her a large amount of brownies loaded with pot. Admittedly, even though I am not a regular consumer of this drug, I wanted to try some and ended up eating about three or four brownies (more for the chocolaty taste than anything else), not realizing exactly how much THC I was actually consuming.

It took nearly two hours for me to feel the effects. At first I felt good, a mild state of euphoria. After a while I began to hear a voice in my head (no, I have never heard voices before, and the marijuana was not laced with anything. I did have way too many brownies though), the voice of a little girl (possibly my deceased sister) singing the same song over and over again, something from out of a horror movie.

I stumbled my way to the bed and lay there, staring at the ceiling with the lights on.

She continued.

Are..they.. out..there?” She sang these words.

It was as if she were right next to me, whispering the soft tunes into my ears.


Moments later there was only silence, when I suddenly felt as if I couldn’t breathe. My esophagus was closing up (I don’t think it ever actually closed up, likely just the psychological effects of the drug), and as I lay on my bed, hysterical, I believed a pair of hands had penetrated my body, gripping my esophagus while pulling it as if it were a rope in a violent game of tug-of-war. I then felt another pair of cold hands pulling my ankles, as if some extra dimensional being was trying to drag me into its world.

I began to scream, “please don’t take me! I don’t want to go!”


As ridiculous as this may sound for an adult, I began to cry, gripping the sides of the bed to prevent myself from being dragged away to some horrific place where I would never again be seen. I closed my eyes, and even though I am a self proclaimed agnostic, I began to pray. I don’t remember much after that.

I know what you’re probably thinking. You just had a bad trip, that’s all.


But I am open to the possibility that my energy levels had weakened to the point where I may have perceived (and actually felt) something from a realm outside of our own. Had some form of energy been following me for a long time and decided to take advantage of my altered state of mind to manifest itself at the perfect time?

Either that or I’m nuts and I had to get high to realize it….

First Contact


What happens when the debate on whether we are the only intelligent forms of life in the Universe comes to a sudden end? When the secrecy and controversy about the existence of UFO’s dissolves in a matter of seconds? How will humans react when on an ordinary day (or night) the sky suddenly becomes flooded with extraterrestrial aircraft, to the point where EVERYONE can see them, leaving absolutely no room for doubt or misinterpretation?

How do religious zealots -those who have ardently dismissed any possibilities outside of their own traditional belief system- respond when their rigid frame of mind is shattered to pieces within a moment’s time?



Is there global panic, mass suicide and an astronomical demand for valium, marihuana and other mind altering substances to calm our nerves? Or do we as Earthlings simply unite, putting aside our differences when we realize we were never so different after all?

What do our visitors think when they find us in a world that has been poisoned by our own artificial chemicals….our own destructive thoughts, words and actions? Do they laugh at us as we do at stray cats that hiss and swat at each other for no reason.





That day may come sooner than we think…….


Endless Possibilities


No. I don’t claim to be the victim of frequent alien abductions. I don’t spend countless hours sitting on the rooftop of my home, waiting for the Mother Ship to finally arrive. And I do believe most UFO sightings are either misinterpretations of other flying objects such as flares, balloons (even hot air balloons), sky lanterns, or simple fabrications of the imagination.

I also believe most of those “mysterious” crop circles that have been found in different parts of the world are nothing more than the product of very determined hoaxers. I remember seeing a special on the Discovery Channel that proved how elaborate and efficient these individuals are at convincing naive locals that their works of art came from superhuman beings from outside our solar system.

With all this, as crazy as it may sound, I still believe in the possibility that we have been visited by sentient beings from another realm.

There is still a small percentage of UFO sightings that have yet to be disproven. One example, among my favorites, is that of the Phoenix lights over Phoenix, Arizona in 1997, witnessed by hundreds of people in different parts of the city and state, a case that has yet to be fully understood.


Personally, I have only had one possible UFO encounter which took place on a camping trip in the mountains of Colombia, South America. I was walking near a lake in Neusa national park at night with some friends. Suddenly, hovering over the lake were about four mysterious lights which moved towards us rapidly. They were silent and resembled the tail lights of a small car from a distance. They came extremely close to the shore and disappeared. Not a single sound had been produced.

Granted, it was very dark. The lights could have come from some remote control lanterns that didn’t create any sound. I guess I’ll never know for sure.

Either way, let’s try and make some sense of it all. There is an infinite amount of stars in our Universe. More than we could ever imagine.

In case some of you didn’t know: the sun is a star.

As time goes by, astronomers are finding more and more planets which may harbor life, similar to that on Earth, in other reaches of the Universe. How many more are there? Millions, trillions? An infinite amount? What are the chances of certain beings on other worlds having surpassed us in a million ways with respect to inherent intellect and understanding of the Universe, finding ways to defy the “laws” of physics in order to make the journey into our solar system, penetrating our biosphere without us being fully aware of it?


How about theories that differ from the traditional, linear, space travelling Christopher Columbus notion?

What about that which we cannot see?

According to astronomers, physicists and other “experts” on the subject, all of the matter which we can perceive only makes up 4% of what is actually out there, the other 23% is made up of what is known as “dark matter” and the rest is a mysterious energy which is reportedly causing the Universe to quickly “expand”. In summary, most of the Universe is nothing more than a giant question mark, so how can we be so sure that the small percentage of truly unexplained lights in the sky are from visible beings traversing the Universe, thinking just as humans would, wanting to “explore” and “learn” more about us?

How do we know that we aren’t being visited on a regular basis by beings from the distant future, a time and place where the Earth differs greatly from the way we know it?


How do we know we can actually see those who can “see” us?

There is always the chance that they form part of a fifth, sixth or seventh dimension and regard our world as being something truly plain and void of essence, as we might see a stick figure drawing on a white piece of paper.

What about the possibility that we are nothing more than some crazy science experiment from a much higher species? Our true creators? They monitor us on a regular basis, and they’ve created this little place we call the Universe, which is all really a tiny artificial droplet in a Petri dish from some other realm far beyond the reaches of our little brains.

There are so many possibilities.

Now that I think about it, maybe I will spend the rest of the night on the rooftop. I’m sure if I wait long enough, the Mother Ship will come….