Endless Possibilities


No. I don’t claim to be the victim of frequent alien abductions. I don’t spend countless hours sitting on the rooftop of my home, waiting for the Mother Ship to finally arrive. And I do believe most UFO sightings are either misinterpretations of other flying objects such as flares, balloons (even hot air balloons), sky lanterns, or simple fabrications of the imagination.

I also believe most of those “mysterious” crop circles that have been found in different parts of the world are nothing more than the product of very determined hoaxers. I remember seeing a special on the Discovery Channel that proved how elaborate and efficient these individuals are at convincing naive locals that their works of art came from superhuman beings from outside our solar system.

With all this, as crazy as it may sound, I still believe in the possibility that we have been visited by sentient beings from another realm.

There is still a small percentage of UFO sightings that have yet to be disproven. One example, among my favorites, is that of the Phoenix lights over Phoenix, Arizona in 1997, witnessed by hundreds of people in different parts of the city and state, a case that has yet to be fully understood.


Personally, I have only had one possible UFO encounter which took place on a camping trip in the mountains of Colombia, South America. I was walking near a lake in Neusa national park at night with some friends. Suddenly, hovering over the lake were about four mysterious lights which moved towards us rapidly. They were silent and resembled the tail lights of a small car from a distance. They came extremely close to the shore and disappeared. Not a single sound had been produced.

Granted, it was very dark. The lights could have come from some remote control lanterns that didn’t create any sound. I guess I’ll never know for sure.

Either way, let’s try and make some sense of it all. There is an infinite amount of stars in our Universe. More than we could ever imagine.

In case some of you didn’t know: the sun is a star.

As time goes by, astronomers are finding more and more planets which may harbor life, similar to that on Earth, in other reaches of the Universe. How many more are there? Millions, trillions? An infinite amount? What are the chances of certain beings on other worlds having surpassed us in a million ways with respect to inherent intellect and understanding of the Universe, finding ways to defy the “laws” of physics in order to make the journey into our solar system, penetrating our biosphere without us being fully aware of it?


How about theories that differ from the traditional, linear, space travelling Christopher Columbus notion?

What about that which we cannot see?

According to astronomers, physicists and other “experts” on the subject, all of the matter which we can perceive only makes up 4% of what is actually out there, the other 23% is made up of what is known as “dark matter” and the rest is a mysterious energy which is reportedly causing the Universe to quickly “expand”. In summary, most of the Universe is nothing more than a giant question mark, so how can we be so sure that the small percentage of truly unexplained lights in the sky are from visible beings traversing the Universe, thinking just as humans would, wanting to “explore” and “learn” more about us?

How do we know that we aren’t being visited on a regular basis by beings from the distant future, a time and place where the Earth differs greatly from the way we know it?


How do we know we can actually see those who can “see” us?

There is always the chance that they form part of a fifth, sixth or seventh dimension and regard our world as being something truly plain and void of essence, as we might see a stick figure drawing on a white piece of paper.

What about the possibility that we are nothing more than some crazy science experiment from a much higher species? Our true creators? They monitor us on a regular basis, and they’ve created this little place we call the Universe, which is all really a tiny artificial droplet in a Petri dish from some other realm far beyond the reaches of our little brains.

There are so many possibilities.

Now that I think about it, maybe I will spend the rest of the night on the rooftop. I’m sure if I wait long enough, the Mother Ship will come….


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