First Contact


What happens when the debate on whether we are the only intelligent forms of life in the Universe comes to a sudden end? When the secrecy and controversy about the existence of UFO’s dissolves in a matter of seconds? How will humans react when on an ordinary day (or night) the sky suddenly becomes flooded with extraterrestrial aircraft, to the point where EVERYONE can see them, leaving absolutely no room for doubt or misinterpretation?

How do religious zealots -those who have ardently dismissed any possibilities outside of their own traditional belief system- respond when their rigid frame of mind is shattered to pieces within a moment’s time?



Is there global panic, mass suicide and an astronomical demand for valium, marihuana and other mind altering substances to calm our nerves? Or do we as Earthlings simply unite, putting aside our differences when we realize we were never so different after all?

What do our visitors think when they find us in a world that has been poisoned by our own artificial chemicals….our own destructive thoughts, words and actions? Do they laugh at us as we do at stray cats that hiss and swat at each other for no reason.





That day may come sooner than we think…….



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