What exactly is energy? Energy is everywhere, everything. Sometimes we can perceive it. Sometimes we can’t, at least not at a fully conscious level.

I have personally experienced this first hand, and after reading a blog about dark energies and entities by Renate Hechenberger (, I feel there is the possibility that I understand more about what takes place around us on a regular basis without our knowledge.

I believe all of us are influenced by unperceivable forms of energy from time to time, be it negative or positive. We might feel down or even sad for no apparent reason. Personally, there’ve been times when I have felt as though something external has suddenly passed through me and altered my mood.

The mind is such an amazing thing, however. This could be the mere product of a subconscious thought. We as humans are constantly reproducing different images in our minds (from how beautiful a day it is outside to how horrible it was when I broke my leg in the sixth grade to worries about the future, etc.) even though we may not realize it.  There is always a chance that these sudden changes in attitude may be brought upon by a familiar smell, or an image of something which may produce negative thoughts because of an unpleasant childhood experience buried deep in our subconscious.

Or, as Hechenberger’s assessment on the subject suggests, we may come in contact with something that may carry a load of negative energy, a doll that belonged to a girl who was physically abused, a chair previously used as a weapon, or even a place with a turbulent past.

I am personally fascinated by the topic and try to keep an open mind to all possibilities.

Furthermore, in Hechenberger’s blog, there is reference to how certain drugs, including alcohol and marijuana, can weaken our auras and therefore allow certain negative forms of energy, or entities, to invade us.

As comical as this may sound, some family members of mine once decided to help my grandmother alleviate her constant back pain by making her a large amount of brownies loaded with pot. Admittedly, even though I am not a regular consumer of this drug, I wanted to try some and ended up eating about three or four brownies (more for the chocolaty taste than anything else), not realizing exactly how much THC I was actually consuming.

It took nearly two hours for me to feel the effects. At first I felt good, a mild state of euphoria. After a while I began to hear a voice in my head (no, I have never heard voices before, and the marijuana was not laced with anything. I did have way too many brownies though), the voice of a little girl (possibly my deceased sister) singing the same song over and over again, something from out of a horror movie.

I stumbled my way to the bed and lay there, staring at the ceiling with the lights on.

She continued.

Are..they.. out..there?” She sang these words.

It was as if she were right next to me, whispering the soft tunes into my ears.


Moments later there was only silence, when I suddenly felt as if I couldn’t breathe. My esophagus was closing up (I don’t think it ever actually closed up, likely just the psychological effects of the drug), and as I lay on my bed, hysterical, I believed a pair of hands had penetrated my body, gripping my esophagus while pulling it as if it were a rope in a violent game of tug-of-war. I then felt another pair of cold hands pulling my ankles, as if some extra dimensional being was trying to drag me into its world.

I began to scream, “please don’t take me! I don’t want to go!”


As ridiculous as this may sound for an adult, I began to cry, gripping the sides of the bed to prevent myself from being dragged away to some horrific place where I would never again be seen. I closed my eyes, and even though I am a self proclaimed agnostic, I began to pray. I don’t remember much after that.

I know what you’re probably thinking. You just had a bad trip, that’s all.


But I am open to the possibility that my energy levels had weakened to the point where I may have perceived (and actually felt) something from a realm outside of our own. Had some form of energy been following me for a long time and decided to take advantage of my altered state of mind to manifest itself at the perfect time?

Either that or I’m nuts and I had to get high to realize it….


4 thoughts on “Energy

  1. Well I don’t get high, I have always had jobs were drug testing was mandatory and random, I’m currently though I hate the term a housewife, well maybe not I daily go to the house and work so I guess I am an unpaid construction worker and designer! I don’t know what to think of these pictures and the other events that we have seen and heard in this house I guess we will find out when we move in.

  2. Hello Beebo
    thank you very much for visiting my blog, the likes and follow and for writing about the “Entity” blog here! Glad that you found it of interest.
    Of course, entities can’t be used as an “explanation/excuse” for everything that happens in our life, but it is a very important subject for people to understand, especially since we are getting deeper and deeper into 4D – the astral worlds.
    Looking forward to reading more of your blog.
    All the best

  3. I believe that all energy, good and bad, surrounds us. It is YOUR choice which one to tap into. You gravitate towards the one that your mind is acustomed to. It is well advised to train yourself to accept the good frequency as these will always bring a brighter reality to your current life.
    As per our brownies….they relax your inhibitions to let your mind explore.

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