What exactly are they? Has anybody throughout history been capable of deciphering them to an exact science?

Sigmund Freud, a 19th century neurologist widely known as the founding father of psychoanalysis, has suggested that dreams are unconscious wishes disguised as ambiguous images and other symbols.


Carl Jung, a Swiss psychologist who founded the study known as analytical psychology, wrote in his book titled General Aspects of dream psychology, that although “dreams contribute to the self regulation of the psyche by automatically bringing up everything that is repressed or neglected or unknown, their compensatory significance is often not immediately apparent because we still have only a very incomplete knowledge of the nature and the needs of the human psyche.”

Whether we accept it or not, dreams remain a mysterious manifestation of the mind in many ways.


Even though I do agree with Freud and Jung’s interpretations of dreams and the fact that many are the mere manifestations of our hidden fears, aspirations and fantasies, the fact is there are still so many questions left unanswered.

Why do we sometimes dream about people we don’t know?

I’ve personally dreamed about certain people as if I’d somehow been acquainted with them forever, when in real life they don’t exist, at least to my knowledge.

Could these be the traces of deceased ancestors reverberating in our subconscious minds, or is there something more to it? Individuals who were once close to us in past lives, perhaps?


There have been times when I’ve considered the possibility of distinct parallel realities from other dimensions that mesh in one place as we sleep. We’ve all dreamt about places we’ve never actually been to before, but may seem utterly familiar in a peculiar way.

Maybe certain dreams are nothing more than modes of communication from extraterrestrials, or extradimensional beings; messages that our brains are not yet evolved enough to comprehend in their entirety.

Do our souls wonder into other realms after we close our eyes, allowing our minds to take a break from consciousness after a long day?

Personally, I have never shared a dream with someone else, at least not that I am aware of. However, an uncle of mine once told me that when he was a child he went through a period of experiencing the same exact nightmare with his brother, who was similar in age and lived in the same house.

They both dreamed about a little girl in a dark room, vaguely visible but with a clear voice.

She would count, softly at first, raising her voice with each number (“One…two…three…four”). Eventually her counting would turn into aggressive yelling (“five…six….seven!!!!).

This took place in the house where my father and uncles grew up, a place where I myself had lived as a child. And for years I suffered from nightmares about being caught inside a kind of labyrinth which originated in the basement and led further down into a place with hundreds of different rooms.


In these nightmares I would be lost, running around, trying to find my way out like a gerbil in an enormous, experimental cage. I would always end up in a small room where I’d find a girl, maybe somewhere around five or six years old, with only the whites of her eyes visible, no irises. This one never spoke.

Only until a few years ago did these strange subconscious manifestations finally stop haunting me. Sometimes I wonder if it was the little sister I never had (Read my blog titled “An unexpected visit”).

I find it a very strange coincidence that certain family members, years before I was born, happened to share a nightmare with a similar girl in that same exact house.

I personally believe there is a lot more to what happens after we close our eyes than what most people think.

Sweet dreams…..





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8 thoughts on “Dreams

  1. I expect that the little girl in your family’s dreams is a spirit not yet able to go to the Light and still attached to that house in some way. Your write is very thought provoking. Dreams can be powerful messengers as well. There is much to understand about them as well. I find the same thing is true when I meditative and lost awareness. Where do I go? Big question. Thanks for sharing this link. Great write! hugs, pat

    • Could be.

      I haven’t had (nor has anybody else in my family) anymore dreams about the little girl in a very long time.

      Many strange things did used to happen in that house but since my uncle remodeled it several years ago they have stopped.

      Maybe the little girls has passed on to another place. I sure hope so.


  2. Love this blog. I agree with Freud and Jung and would like to include my own theory. I believe that we do travel to other dimensions–places known as the other side. I also believe that the people we don’t know in dreams could be ancestors trying to communicate with us.
    On the flip side, if we’re not astral traveling, I tend to believe that each person in our dreams is an aspect of our personality which we project onto the screen of our dream so that we can view it and formulate an answer to our problems. In other words, we are every person in our dreams.

    valentine defrancis

  3. Great thoughts on dreams. I find myself more aligned with Jung rather than Freud. I believe in the archetypes because they seem to appear in dreams across all cultures. Most dreams I would regard as problem solving and input review of everything your senses have captured in your life. However, there are some dreams that seem to suggest something more.

  4. I am impressed by not only the look of your site but your posts. I will continue to follow your writings as they are very interesting and insightful. I hope I can learn more about dreams. Please continue your explorations!

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