Psychic Abilities


According to a poll taken by CBS News, a majority of Americans, approximately 57%, believe that people with psychic abilities exist among us.

I, personally, am tremendously intrigued (and fascinated) by this topic even though my run-ins with those who claim to possess this gift have not been very fruitful, or convincing.

One time I had an appointment with a woman who claimed to work with energies (she was also an expert in Feng Shui) as well as possessing supposed psychic abilities. When I consulted with her she asked me a number of questions and then told me that my mother had abandoned me as a child, which was affecting my personal life. I hadn’t mentioned anything about my childhood and it was very interesting that she said this to me because, quite frankly, my mother never abandoned me in any way.  I guess her psychic antenna was a little fuzzy at the moment.

On another occasion I was told by a friend to see a man who claimed to be a spiritual consultant. I was told he could get near me and see my aura and would therefore see parts of my life as though he were watching a movie. I was extremely excited about the visit.


When I went to his office he lay me down and began asking me a number of questions. I provided him with the least amount of information possible and only answered with a simple “yes” or “no”. He asked me how I was feeling emotionally, which caused me to wonder what kind of psychic abilities he had if he needed me to tell him more about myself  before he could make any deductions. I answered with a simple “I’m fine”.

I noticed he appeared slightly unnerved at the lack of information I was giving him.

He played some soothing music from the orient and then waved his hands around my feet -as if her were some kind of wizard- without saying a word. I wasn’t sure what he was doing. I had to ask him what he saw in my aura. He seemed to get a bit nervous at my question and then told me that the color of my aura was green or yellow (I don’t recall exactly) and began to tell me that I am a highly observant individual. He said he could see by the color of my aura that I had the capability of walking into a room and remembering all the exact details of everything, from the exact position of a painting to the size of the trash can in the corner.

Nothing could be farther from the truth. Sometimes I forget if I’m wearing socks or not.

He then told me that things were going very well in my life and that my positive attitude was a wonderful asset that I carried with me. Of course, I had failed to inform him of my severe depression at the time because of a recent break-up with a girlfriend, hoping he would have figured that out by “looking into my aura.”

After the session, which I found very disappointing, I gave him a kind “thank you” and paid him the fee, feeling as though I had just thrown money into a shredder. I then told the girl that had recommended him that her psychic friend was full of cow feces. She told me it was because I did not “believe” and was therefore causing a blockage in my aura.  I told her that I “believe” she is extremely gullible and nothing more.

Now the purpose of this blog is not to convince my readers that clairvoyance is real or not real.  And I will not discard the possibility that some people may possess extra sensory perception just because my few attempts at reaching into that realm have come up short. To be perfectly honest, I would love to find proof of clairvoyance and I look at my skepticism as a very positive aspect. Why should I believe something just because somebody says it’s true?

Like I said, this blog has neither the purpose of convincing the audiences that all “paranormal” phenomena are merely creations of con artists to deceive the mentally weak and gullible for financial gains, nor do I aspire to influence you to the point of believing more than what you may have been brought up to believe without offering a sufficient amount of viable evidence and testimony.

I simply wish to tell my stories, my beliefs and let you decide for yourself.

Back to the topic of psychics and whether or not we can take into serious consideration what we hear from them. I have heard from a number of people (who I know very well and trust in their judgment) who have told me some rather astonishing things when having consulted with psychics.


One of my best friends, a graduate of Business Administration and a very intelligent and straight forward individual, once told me about a time when he ran into a psychic while travelling through a small town in his native Colombia. He told me the woman read his palm and after doing so was able to name his parents by first name. She also said a number of things about his family that were too precise to be the product of mere inference.

My mother, who currently lives in Central Florida, recently consulted with a well known psychic in a small town near her home called Cassadaga. Normally a skeptic of just about everything including whether organic food is really organic, she was told a number of things including the fact that her mother-in-law is too old to be living alone, which was one hundred percent accurate, and things about certain family members (such as the fact that her brother-in-law died of lung cancer even though my mother hadn’t even mentioned him) that left no room for doubt about the psychic’s uncanny abilities, at least according to my mother.

Maybe I’ve been going to the wrong psychics.

And yes, I’ve considered consulting with the same psychic in Cassadaga as my mother had. However, I have been told by certain people that having your “fortune” read by a mystic can bring along a wave of negative energy that I would rather do without, if that is indeed true.

As I said earlier, I will remain an open minded skeptic until I witness these abilities first hand, but now there is a part of me that would rather not risk being told that my future, which I have yet to build, has already been set in stone, whether it is true or not.

Maybe I’ll give it another try one of these days.

I’ll let you know once I’ve met someone who can obliterate my doubts with only a few words.


Feel free to share any experiences you may have had with psychic phenomena or anybody who claims to possess these abilities.

Was your experience as dissapointing as mine or were you utterly convinced?





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5 thoughts on “Psychic Abilities

  1. I’m considered psychic to a certain degree. When I talk to friends long enough I can tell a partial layout of their house if I haven’t been to it yet. I’m also pretty keen at finding purposefully hidden items. I myself though have not been to a psychic and don’t really intend to be. There are far too many cold readers over the true talent to properly pick them out from the crowd.

    • Yes. I believe that may be a large part of the problem which feeds into the skepticism. I think there may be too many fakes which will cause people to generalize and assume they are all fakes.

  2. Finding a good psychic is comparable to finding the right hair stylies or doctor. Sometimes you have to shop around until you find the right match. At least you have kept an open mind. Thanks for the ‘follow’!

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