The Relativity of Everything

I was recently surfing the web, as many of us do when we have time to kill, and decided to see what was going on in the world. So I logged onto and found something new aside from the ongoing post-election talk and the perpetual violence around the world.

This article was about a possible UFO sighting near Denver, Colorado, USA. But this one was a bit different from most of the potential mumbo jumbo I’ve read before. According to the news feed, a local news crew was notified by a man who claimed to have caught a UFO on his camcorder, but only after having seen the recording at home on his television, in slow motion.

The man also claimed that this occurrence was taking place several times a week in the same spot. The news crew saw the video and decided to go ahead and film the same area with their own camera. Lucky for them, they caught the same flying object, only after watching the replay in slow motion of the area, which appeared like some sort of rock flying down from the sky, hovering over the grass for a few seconds, and then shooting itself back into the sky and disappearing.

“Wow,” I thought.

I later met up with a cousin of mine, told him about what I had seen online and had quite an interesting conversation on the subject. We spoke about how relative everything is, at least in regards to size, space and time. The object in the video might have only taken a split second to fall from space, observe our planet at a close distance, and then shoot its way back to where it came from. At least this is what we are visually convinced of.

But what may be a split second to us may easily be much more (or less) to other living things.

The typical lifespan of a housefly is about 21 days. A regular sized American home, to this very same fly, may seem as big as an entire city to them, so don’t complain about your place not being roomy enough.

Let’s pretend flies have elaborate brains comparable to that of the average human. The fly would look at us humans as extremely large, slow moving creatures with nearly eternal life spans who can easily traverse from galaxy to galaxy by way of supersized motor vehicles (from your front door to the local shopping center, for example). The mere passing of a weekend to us would be years gone by for them.

Let’s add a similar scenario to the small flying object recorded in Colorado.

Popular culture tends to regard alien beings as creatures relatively similar to ourselves, penetrating our atmosphere in flying saucers very much like human made drones (which are used to kill other humans in select parts of the globe for reasons that only humans can -somehow- comprehend).

What if the so called aliens are much smaller than most humans would have ever imagined?

The object in Colorado may appear relatively minute on camera. But to a species from another world (or possibly even a different dimension), which happens to be microscopic, the “small” object may actually be an enormous shuttle.

What appears to have taken place within a split second, too fast to be observable by the naked eye, may be a decade’s long expedition to them.

Imagine how our world would appear to such creatures after travelling into our atmosphere at what is to them a “regular” speed, observing such enormous creatures which call themselves “humans” as they move around so slowly, too slow and too big (and often too busy) to recognize the presence of such speedy visitors.

Even more fascinating, what if it were the other way around?

Literally looking at the big picture, our planet, which we once believed to be the divine center of all existence, is comparatively the size of a grain, possibly much more miniscule than that. How about taking a few more steps backwards and considering the possibility that our entire Universe as we know it (what we universally consider to be EVERYTHING) is nothing more than a small spec of bacteria on a petri dish, the product of a study from beings infinitely superior to ourselves  which we will never get the chance to see, let alone understand, no matter how hard we try, like the termites in our homes trying to decipher the reasons why we get angry and sad.

Or vice versa.

So don’t be on such a rush to grab your cameras and take the trip out to Colorado, USA. That newsworthy occurrence could be taking place right in front of your face when you’re not even aware of it……

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2 thoughts on “The Relativity of Everything

  1. Interesting post. I like the way you offer varied perspectives on the same thing, depending on who/what’s having the experience…indeed it is all relative. So what does that mean for you? Where do you take that concept next, in terms of how that effects how you choose to live your life? Thanks for the visit and the like:-)

  2. Thank you.

    Well let’s just say I try to keep an open mind to the world around me. There are SO many different ways of seeing things. Sometimes I wonder if there are any absolute truths at all, or if everything just depends. It drives me crazy and I wish I had more concrete answers. Humans have discovered many things since our brains have evolved. But I think we really only understand .0000000001% of our own realities. Most people refuse to accept that. Both religion and science claim to have all the answers (especially most religions). I think there is so much more to the world around us than we can possible imagine.

    Pretty crazy huh?

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