Predicting Disaster?

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 I am often amazed at the evil of which mankind is capable. Of course, these thoughts flow into my head in light of the tragedy in Connecticut, where yesterday a gunman walked into an elementary school with a firearm and brutally claimed the lives of over 20 innocent children for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Unfortunately we live in a more hostile world than many of us would like to acknowledge. Tragedies like this have happened in the past, and they will happen again.

Personally, the scariest thought is the idea that things of such a horrifically violent nature can occur so sporadically, in a small, quiet town on a sunny morning just before Christmas, for example. In this particular case no one –besides the gunman, of course- would have suspected this particular December morning to turn out the way it did.

Let’s go back eleven years. Imagine yourself living in New York City, waking up on what seems to be a regular late summer morning, casually giving your beloved children a goodbye kiss before going to work at the World Trade Center in New York City, completely unaware of the tragic events about to take place that day.

Imagine taking a nice stroll on the magnificent beaches of Indonesia with your wife and children on December 26th 2004, a day that started out as any other before a 9.3 earthquake struck under the Indian Ocean and caused a tsunami that would kill over 230,000 people in different countries.

Taking into consideration such unexpected catastrophes, I often wonder, are such events, either deliberately caused by humans or the work of Mother Nature, really unpredictable? Or might there be certain hints in the air, indications that something terrible is about to take place?

In my lifetime I have crossed paths with people who claim to see the deceased, or spirits from other realms, floating around among us on a regular basis. I know there are a large number of people who claim to possess clairvoyant abilities, those who can supposedly see what events will be taking place in the near or late future.

If this is so, which I am no one to affirm whether it is or it isn’t, than wouldn’t these highly sensitive individuals have some kind of a funny feeling just before something of such a serious magnitude is about to take place?

Taking into consideration all of the previously mentioned, I will make a confession. On the morning of December 14th 2012, I awoke from a terrible nightmare that someone was trying to kill me. I will not cite the details of the nightmare for the simple reason that it was too vague for me to remember, however I do recall waking up at around 4am feeling utterly terrified.

Only a few hours later I would hear the news of the tragedy in Connecticut.

Eleven years ago, when I was serving as an active duty member of the United States Air Force, I had had a terrible nightmare that I was in a burning building and was forced to jump out of a window in order to survive. It had been my day off from working at the hospital and I was awoken when my mother called me. She had been crying, hysterical, claiming that “we are under attack!”

That was the morning of September 11th, 2001. Now I am not claiming to posses psychic abilities, but I do consider that particular event to be eerily coincidental to my nightmare, which forces me to consider the possibility that all of us may be connected in some way and possess at least a tinge of clairvoyance in us.

Is it possible that when we have vivid dreams or nightmares we are actually being affected by the ripples of something taking place in another part of the world, even if we don’t hear anything on the news the next day?

Allow me to bring up a well known occurrence which took place in the 1960’s in the state of West Virginia, USA, in a town called Point Pleasant. Apparently two couples were parked at a lover’s lane one night. In the romantic darkness of the night they suddenly witnessed a horrific phenomenon, some sort of creature with red eyes -almost seven feet tall- that did not appear of this Earth. During the following thirteen months approximately two hundred inhabitants of Point Pleasant claimed to have witnessed an extraordinarily similar being in different parts of this small city, which was later given the name Mothman, inspiring the 2002 Hollywood production The Mothman Prophecies.

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On December 15th 1967, the Silver Bridge, which connected Gallipolis, Ohio with Point Pleasant, West Virginia, collapsed into the Ohio River, an event which resulted in the deaths of 46 people.

After this tragedy, the Mothman was never reportedly seen again in this part of the world.

Many consider the so called Mothman sightings of Point Pleasant to have been an indicator of the subsequent Silver Bridge Collapse, a belief which has been both accepted and ridiculed through time.

We know lightning is poised to strike when we see dark clouds and hear rumbling thunder in the sky. We even possess the technology to make approximate predictions as to where a hurricane might make landfall from a thousand miles away.

But who can foresee the sudden homicidal rampage of a psychopath (aside from those who are close to him or her), a devastating Earthquake at the bottom of the sea, or an automobile accident which results in a series of unexpected deaths?

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I have heard stories of household pets, such as cats and dogs, showing extreme behavioral alterations only moments before an Earthquake, yet the notion of certain animals being able to predict disasters has yet to be scientifically explored, let alone taken seriously.

So what if there is more to nature than we could possibly imagine?

As crazy as it may sound, I believe in the possibility that certain alterations in nature may take place around us before something of astronomical repercussions takes place, though most of us are not sensitive enough to notice them.

This reminds me of a book I read a few years ago titled Odd Thomas, a work of fiction about a young boy who sees dark, moving shadows rummaging around every so often, even though no one else can see them. One day Odd Thomas sees a huge congregation of these entities at a mall, and the next day the very same mall is the site of a terrible shooting.

I wonder if there are any real Odd Thomas’s out there, somewhere.

If there are, I only wish they would come out of hiding, swallow their fear of being ridiculed by a skeptical society, and warn us about such horrific events before it’s too late.

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My condolences, heart and soul go out to those who lost their children and loved ones at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14th 2012.


One thought on “Predicting Disaster?

  1. Well written and thought provoking. Indeed people do have psychic abilities at times. In some, this is yet undevloped and sporadic. In others, there is an amazing accuracy to their abilities. When one considers the implication of all being connected, it is easier to see how these things occur. hugs, pat

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