Letting go…..

I often wonder what the average person is missing out on every day. Today’s societies are so much more preoccupied with acquiring material wealth, rushing to work day in and day out in order to “make a living” and purchase the so called modern day necessities. On our off time many of us prefer to spend those precious moments in front of the television or surfing the internet in order to entertain our fragile minds and unwind. And before we know it we have to get back to our habitual routines, always rushing, often under stress, never taking the time to even notice the things around us that are unseen and rarely mentioned.


But what about those of us who take the time to separate ourselves from the hustle and bustle of the city and take a genuine rest out in nature in order to clear our heads? It seems as though people are able to do this less and less frequently, now that we take our daily routines with us everywhere we go. I recently went camping with a friend who, instead of appreciating the peace and quiet of the surrounding wilderness around us, spent the entire time immersed in his I-Phone either stressing about the next week’s “work” that had to be done or chatting with other friends about some crazy new video on YouTube.

It was as if he had never left the influences of city life, and never will.

So the question is: What are we missing out on?


I recently finished a book which talks about why it is important to let go of the past and stop worrying about the future, titled The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. The author emphasizes the importance of meditation in order to get in contact with our true state of illumination, which is possible among all of us if we can only learn let go of our egos and our infatuation with time, both the present and the future.

road rage

Admittedly, I have attempted meditation which enabled me, at least temporarily, to become more aware of the world around me while in such a timeless, mindless state, though I will admit I have not been able to go as deep as others have achieved. My younger brother has meditated on a number of occasions and claims he is on a mission to achieve what is known as astral projection, or a kind of peek into the spirit world. According to him, if one is able to find themselves in a state of astral projection, not only might one be able to perceive beings which would otherwise be invisible to the naked eye, but it is also possible to visit, at least in a nonphysical manner, places otherwise impossible in the physical world.



According to some popular belief, under such a stress free state, one can actually observe others in far away places without ever being perceived, like possessing the abilities of a ghost without the inconvenient necessity of having to die first. Some of this may sound extremely far-fetched to some, and I will admit I have never experienced such things myself, but I do believe that if one is able to reach a certain level of consciousness, anything is possible.

As previously mentioned, however, one must be able to let go of all thoughts, all worries past and future, and focus on the present. Not allow any mundane noises or distractions to bring us back. Let go of all anger, frustration, fear, stress. And open the mind and soul, enabling ourselves to tap into an ability we never knew we possessed associated with the events of the past and the illusion of the future.

Finding oneself in such a state can also be an extremely peaceful and gratifying experience where one may finally become aware of the natural interconnectedness of the real world and all living things around us instead of that constant illusion of separation which often fuels such terrible emotions like hate and envy.

If mankind can learn to let go and appreciate the true nature of the world around us without being anchored by our negative emotions and daily routines, maybe the world can be a better place after all.





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