Predicting Disaster?

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 I am often amazed at the evil of which mankind is capable. Of course, these thoughts flow into my head in light of the tragedy in Connecticut, where yesterday a gunman walked into an elementary school with a firearm and brutally claimed the lives of over 20 innocent children for no apparent reason whatsoever.

Unfortunately we live in a more hostile world than many of us would like to acknowledge. Tragedies like this have happened in the past, and they will happen again.

Personally, the scariest thought is the idea that things of such a horrifically violent nature can occur so sporadically, in a small, quiet town on a sunny morning just before Christmas, for example. In this particular case no one –besides the gunman, of course- would have suspected this particular December morning to turn out the way it did.

Let’s go back eleven years. Imagine yourself living in New York City, waking up on what seems to be a regular late summer morning, casually giving your beloved children a goodbye kiss before going to work at the World Trade Center in New York City, completely unaware of the tragic events about to take place that day.

Imagine taking a nice stroll on the magnificent beaches of Indonesia with your wife and children on December 26th 2004, a day that started out as any other before a 9.3 earthquake struck under the Indian Ocean and caused a tsunami that would kill over 230,000 people in different countries.

Taking into consideration such unexpected catastrophes, I often wonder, are such events, either deliberately caused by humans or the work of Mother Nature, really unpredictable? Or might there be certain hints in the air, indications that something terrible is about to take place?

In my lifetime I have crossed paths with people who claim to see the deceased, or spirits from other realms, floating around among us on a regular basis. I know there are a large number of people who claim to possess clairvoyant abilities, those who can supposedly see what events will be taking place in the near or late future.

If this is so, which I am no one to affirm whether it is or it isn’t, than wouldn’t these highly sensitive individuals have some kind of a funny feeling just before something of such a serious magnitude is about to take place?

Taking into consideration all of the previously mentioned, I will make a confession. On the morning of December 14th 2012, I awoke from a terrible nightmare that someone was trying to kill me. I will not cite the details of the nightmare for the simple reason that it was too vague for me to remember, however I do recall waking up at around 4am feeling utterly terrified.

Only a few hours later I would hear the news of the tragedy in Connecticut.

Eleven years ago, when I was serving as an active duty member of the United States Air Force, I had had a terrible nightmare that I was in a burning building and was forced to jump out of a window in order to survive. It had been my day off from working at the hospital and I was awoken when my mother called me. She had been crying, hysterical, claiming that “we are under attack!”

That was the morning of September 11th, 2001. Now I am not claiming to posses psychic abilities, but I do consider that particular event to be eerily coincidental to my nightmare, which forces me to consider the possibility that all of us may be connected in some way and possess at least a tinge of clairvoyance in us.

Is it possible that when we have vivid dreams or nightmares we are actually being affected by the ripples of something taking place in another part of the world, even if we don’t hear anything on the news the next day?

Allow me to bring up a well known occurrence which took place in the 1960’s in the state of West Virginia, USA, in a town called Point Pleasant. Apparently two couples were parked at a lover’s lane one night. In the romantic darkness of the night they suddenly witnessed a horrific phenomenon, some sort of creature with red eyes -almost seven feet tall- that did not appear of this Earth. During the following thirteen months approximately two hundred inhabitants of Point Pleasant claimed to have witnessed an extraordinarily similar being in different parts of this small city, which was later given the name Mothman, inspiring the 2002 Hollywood production The Mothman Prophecies.

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On December 15th 1967, the Silver Bridge, which connected Gallipolis, Ohio with Point Pleasant, West Virginia, collapsed into the Ohio River, an event which resulted in the deaths of 46 people.

After this tragedy, the Mothman was never reportedly seen again in this part of the world.

Many consider the so called Mothman sightings of Point Pleasant to have been an indicator of the subsequent Silver Bridge Collapse, a belief which has been both accepted and ridiculed through time.

We know lightning is poised to strike when we see dark clouds and hear rumbling thunder in the sky. We even possess the technology to make approximate predictions as to where a hurricane might make landfall from a thousand miles away.

But who can foresee the sudden homicidal rampage of a psychopath (aside from those who are close to him or her), a devastating Earthquake at the bottom of the sea, or an automobile accident which results in a series of unexpected deaths?

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I have heard stories of household pets, such as cats and dogs, showing extreme behavioral alterations only moments before an Earthquake, yet the notion of certain animals being able to predict disasters has yet to be scientifically explored, let alone taken seriously.

So what if there is more to nature than we could possibly imagine?

As crazy as it may sound, I believe in the possibility that certain alterations in nature may take place around us before something of astronomical repercussions takes place, though most of us are not sensitive enough to notice them.

This reminds me of a book I read a few years ago titled Odd Thomas, a work of fiction about a young boy who sees dark, moving shadows rummaging around every so often, even though no one else can see them. One day Odd Thomas sees a huge congregation of these entities at a mall, and the next day the very same mall is the site of a terrible shooting.

I wonder if there are any real Odd Thomas’s out there, somewhere.

If there are, I only wish they would come out of hiding, swallow their fear of being ridiculed by a skeptical society, and warn us about such horrific events before it’s too late.

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My condolences, heart and soul go out to those who lost their children and loved ones at Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14th 2012.



Karma PIC

Karma: (in Hinduism and Buddhism) the sum of a person’s actions in one of his successive existences, thought to decide his fate for the next.

I think all of us who speak English fluently have heard the saying “what goes around comes around.”

Usually we say this when someone commits an act which we consider reproachful. A certain individual scams millions of lower income families in order to become a millionaire, and when we find out about it we hope and wish that God -or the simple reciprocity of nature, hence the saying “what goes around comes around”- will surely find a way to punish that individual.

Similarly, many of us tend to assume that if we act in a moral way, such as helping the poor and/or those less fortunate than us or even just treat others with respect (without taking in to consideration race, sex, religion etc) we will be rewarded in one way or another, at least eventually.

I must admit, I’ve spent lots of time putting a great deal of thought into this. I have come to the conclusion that I myself do not have enough information about the past and futures of every single individual on this Earth to be able to come up with a conclusive conclusion on the subject (please pardon the redundancies).

I have wondered, however, that if these common beliefs are true, than this must mean that those who are currently in less fortunate situations (for example, those with incurable, painful illnesses, victims of accidents who are left paralyzed in certain parts of the body, the millions of poor and starving throughout the world) are merely the victims of Karma, or “what goes around comes around”.

Looking at it in this perspective, wouldn’t this mean that those who suffer are getting what they deserve? Likely having committed immoral acts at a younger age or, depending on what you believe, in a past life?

I have lived in parts of the world where poverty and lack of proper nourishment are a common way of life for entire families including children, and I think it is horrible to adhere to such a belief.


On another note, I have known people throughout my life who seem to be truly immoral by nature. Greedy, angry, vengeful, racist individuals who spend a great deal of their time preaching hate and justifying the need for conflict in every aspect of life, yet many of these individuals are physically healthy , financially stable and have even managed to keep a spouse (who shares similar views) for many years as well as bearing healthy and successful children.

Meanwhile, I have met some of the most graceful, loving, benevolent individuals who adopt and take care of animals they have rescued from the streets, have devoted entire lifetimes to caring for the sick and elderly, and rarely utter a word which may disrespect another individual, yet some of these very same people suffer more than the previously mentioned group.

I will dare to use a family member of mine as an example of these benevolent individuals, a woman who shares just about all of the characteristics just cited. However, she gave birth to a child with a severe case of Down syndrome. She is currently taking care of her elderly mother who is incontinent and suffers from senile dementia, and her husband, also a wonderful human being, was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer and has found his health in rapid decline in light of frequent sessions of chemotherapy.

Why is this?

I thought good things happen to good people and bad things happen to bad people.

The reason I am writing this blog is neither to deny nor attest to the notion that Karma is real, but rather to take a more detailed look at the subject while loosening our firm grip on the belief system with which we may have been raised, which may deter our minds from a more objective way of thinking.

I often wonder if the possibility exists that even if we are good throughout our lives, we may be paying for the mistakes of our ancestors, which may sound utterly absurd to many. Or, even more ridiculous for others, the earlier mentioned notion that those who suffer are suffering for a reason, possibly something they did in a past life.

Maybe those who suffer are actually being given opportunities to learn and improve themselves in the near or distant future, although I couldn’t understand how this could be the case for a five year old girl dying of malnutrition, unlikely to make it to six.

Or are our situations the simple result of being at the wrong (or right) place at the wrong (or right) time, or having been brought up in the wrong (or right) part of the world, or within a given family or situation, either extremely difficult or extremely forgiving (as may be the case for those born into royal families).

I’m sure there are great deals of people who think those poor and starving children around the world are merely getting a spanking for having behaved badly in some other past reality.

Or is life just cruel and relentless to whoever ends up on the wrong side of the fence by chance?

This is, to many, an extremely complex and controversial topic.


A great deal of religions, either globally practiced or pagan, have attempted to explain it.

Feel free to express your opinion………

The Relativity of Everything

I was recently surfing the web, as many of us do when we have time to kill, and decided to see what was going on in the world. So I logged onto and found something new aside from the ongoing post-election talk and the perpetual violence around the world.

This article was about a possible UFO sighting near Denver, Colorado, USA. But this one was a bit different from most of the potential mumbo jumbo I’ve read before. According to the news feed, a local news crew was notified by a man who claimed to have caught a UFO on his camcorder, but only after having seen the recording at home on his television, in slow motion.

The man also claimed that this occurrence was taking place several times a week in the same spot. The news crew saw the video and decided to go ahead and film the same area with their own camera. Lucky for them, they caught the same flying object, only after watching the replay in slow motion of the area, which appeared like some sort of rock flying down from the sky, hovering over the grass for a few seconds, and then shooting itself back into the sky and disappearing.

“Wow,” I thought.

I later met up with a cousin of mine, told him about what I had seen online and had quite an interesting conversation on the subject. We spoke about how relative everything is, at least in regards to size, space and time. The object in the video might have only taken a split second to fall from space, observe our planet at a close distance, and then shoot its way back to where it came from. At least this is what we are visually convinced of.

But what may be a split second to us may easily be much more (or less) to other living things.

The typical lifespan of a housefly is about 21 days. A regular sized American home, to this very same fly, may seem as big as an entire city to them, so don’t complain about your place not being roomy enough.

Let’s pretend flies have elaborate brains comparable to that of the average human. The fly would look at us humans as extremely large, slow moving creatures with nearly eternal life spans who can easily traverse from galaxy to galaxy by way of supersized motor vehicles (from your front door to the local shopping center, for example). The mere passing of a weekend to us would be years gone by for them.

Let’s add a similar scenario to the small flying object recorded in Colorado.

Popular culture tends to regard alien beings as creatures relatively similar to ourselves, penetrating our atmosphere in flying saucers very much like human made drones (which are used to kill other humans in select parts of the globe for reasons that only humans can -somehow- comprehend).

What if the so called aliens are much smaller than most humans would have ever imagined?

The object in Colorado may appear relatively minute on camera. But to a species from another world (or possibly even a different dimension), which happens to be microscopic, the “small” object may actually be an enormous shuttle.

What appears to have taken place within a split second, too fast to be observable by the naked eye, may be a decade’s long expedition to them.

Imagine how our world would appear to such creatures after travelling into our atmosphere at what is to them a “regular” speed, observing such enormous creatures which call themselves “humans” as they move around so slowly, too slow and too big (and often too busy) to recognize the presence of such speedy visitors.

Even more fascinating, what if it were the other way around?

Literally looking at the big picture, our planet, which we once believed to be the divine center of all existence, is comparatively the size of a grain, possibly much more miniscule than that. How about taking a few more steps backwards and considering the possibility that our entire Universe as we know it (what we universally consider to be EVERYTHING) is nothing more than a small spec of bacteria on a petri dish, the product of a study from beings infinitely superior to ourselves  which we will never get the chance to see, let alone understand, no matter how hard we try, like the termites in our homes trying to decipher the reasons why we get angry and sad.

Or vice versa.

So don’t be on such a rush to grab your cameras and take the trip out to Colorado, USA. That newsworthy occurrence could be taking place right in front of your face when you’re not even aware of it……

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The Battle for Food Control

Plato on-line

‘This is not a speculative subject, the facts have been screaming out for years, yet nobody making legislation is listening. Money speaks louder than words and the giant cover up and PR operation has been backed by billions of dollars of corporate money over the last 30 years, which has been enough to keep the public buying poisonous products and calling it food. The cost of a poor diet is huge on the average American who spends large amounts on health insurance and care for preventable health issues. If they were not spending so much on health problems, could have spend it a second place to live instead of lining the pockets medical companies…’

Radiation-toxic Food Being Exported from Japan (VIDEO)
‘Kevin Kamps, Beyond Nuclear (former radioactive waste specialist at NIRS): The regulations in the US are worse than the regulations in Japan in terms of radioactive contamination […]

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A Peek into the Unknown

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Last weekend I decided to take a trip with my younger brother to a famous town in Central Florida called Cassadaga, a spiritualist camp founded over 117 years ago where a dense population of mediums and psychics currently reside and practice their craft on a daily basis. I must admit, I was quite excited about the adventure. Never before had I stayed in a place known for supposedly harboring spirits and entities from realms other than our own.

Now to be perfectly honest, I am going to tell the absolute truth about my experience in the Cassadaga Hotel.

In the early evening my brother and I ventured onto the second floor of this place that reminded me of the Overlook Hotel in the movie The Shining, except much smaller. As expected, the place was old and spooky. It was a Sunday night, and we were practically the only ones there. The stairs made one heck of a creaking sound with each of our hesitant, ascending steps.

After roaming the hallways of the second floor, which gave the impression of going on for miles and miles into the unknown, with their dim lights and seemingly endless floors, we stumbled upon a kind of living room with an array of old fashioned chairs lined around the perimeter. Beside the entrance door was a sign that read “Séance Room”. Without bothering to turn on the lights, a mild adrenaline rush overcame the both of us. We sat in one of the chairs, turned on our voice recorder, and began to ask questions into the silent nothingness.

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 “Is there anyone here tonight that would like to communicate with us?”

There was only silence, and even after nearly two hours of begging and pleading (“please manifest yourself!”) into the air with someone we could not see, acquiring no results whatsoever, we decided to call it a night and went back to our room on the first floor.

This is where we listened to the recording of the tape. There was nothing out of the ordinary. No staticy voices answering our questions (commonly known as Electronic Voice Phenomena, or EVP’s) from the other side.


While inside our bedroom we decided to give it another go. We turned on the voice recorder, begged and pleaded for some form of communication like two children pleading with Santa Claus for that special Christmas gift. We achieved the same void result as we had in the Séance Room. The ghosts of Cassadaga had, at least for the moment, given us the cold shoulder.

We had been told by a psychic in the hotel that if we took enough pictures, anywhere in Cassadaga, we would eventually find orbs (which, according to them, are spirits lingering around) inside the picture. I had already taken many photos while inside the hotel and was sad to see that not a single orb had appeared.

My brother and I sat in silence, lying on the bed, staring into the darkness of the room for what seemed an eternity, hoping that something would happen, but nothing did. And I must admit, I was quite disappointed.

And I needed a breath of fresh air, so I stood up, turned on the light, and opened the back door of our room which led to a large wooden porch. The night was cool and extremely still. Not a single sound anywhere. Not a breeze, not a footstep.

Suddenly I witnessed a small shadow on the ground, moving its way towards me, slowly. I nearly screamed at first, at least before realizing that it was only a black, shorthaired cat. As an authentic cat lover would naturally do, I called the kitty towards me and she (please forgive me, I have the habit of assuming all cats are females) ran past my legs and through the open door into our bedroom.   I turned around and witnessed as she jumped onto the bed, as nimble as an acrobat, where my brother lay.

“What’s this?” he asked, a bit fascinated by our unexpected visitor. The cat was already making herself comfortable at the foot of our bed. She began to purr loud enough to where it seemed as if she were a vibrator with a tale and whiskers.

Never in my life had I come across such a friendly street cat (although I assume this one had an owner because she wore a blue collar). She had come to us out of nowhere, jumped onto our bed as if she owned the place, and expected us to treat her like a queen.

After petting her for nearly half an hour, she suddenly became aggressive, bit my hand and ran off the bed. I must admit, I was slightly unnerved by her sudden change in attitude, assuming that she suffered from bipolar disorder, as many felines do. I opened the back door and let her on her merry way, back into the night where she had come from.

“That was kind of weird don’t you think?” I said.

“You bet,” my brother concurred.

Courtesy of myself

 As mundane as this occurrence might have seemed, I was suddenly animated and wanted to re-explore the hotel. My brother told me he had seen enough and just wanted to sleep. I left him in the room and went out into the lobby where I ran into a group of paranormal investigators from a society called Big City Paranormal (For more authentic paranormal pictures visit: They were very friendly individuals and invited me to sit with them at a table outside on the porch, which encompassed the entire first floor of the hotel. On their laptop computer they showed me some of the pictures they had taken.

“These are fairies,” one of them told me, showing a picture of a tiny birdlike creature that appeared to magically glow, the result of a shot they had taken in the forest nearby, earlier in the night.

He then told me that on a previous trip to Cassadaga (they were already frequent flyers to the area) they had taken a random night picture of a set of steps which led to the hotel. “I hadn’t seen anybody on the steps,” he told me. “There was nobody there when I took the shot.”

What I saw in the picture was quite frightening. On the steps was what appeared to be a black figure, like a human shadow without a head, standing on the second step.


I was quite perplexed at what I was seeing. Who could it be? What could it be?


Courtesy of Big City Paranormal

Another investigator explained to me why Cassadaga is known for harboring so many spirits.

“Jut think about it,” she told me, obviously experienced on the topic. “Almost everybody who lives here is a psychic medium who makes their living invoking spirits on a daily basis, and not all of those spirits go back to where they came from afterwards.”

Later in the night I joined them ( not before running to wake up my brother for faze two of our little excursion) on a nocturnal trek throughout Cassadaga. We roamed the town silently and then found ourselves in the local forest, looking like a group snipers on a top secret mission, armed with cameras and flashlights instead of weapons. I must admit, I felt like a little kid again, and I mean that in a positive way.

I took picture after picture of almost everything I could see, and, even though I never caught a shot of the shadowman (which I was later told was a well known apparition throughout Cassadaga), I was genuinely appreciative when I looked at my digital camera and found that I had finally caught some of the so called orbs, even though I considered the possibility that they may have been something more mundane than what the psychic had described to me earlier.

Courtesy of myself

 So, to conclude the story of my one night stay in what is known for being one of the most haunted places in the United States, I must admit that I personally did not experience anything that I could dub a “paranormal” experience, with the possible acceptance of the orbs in some of my pictures.

I came to Cassadaga with an open mind, yet simultaneously skeptical as well. I could easily lie and/or exaggerate certain facts in order to make this blog more enticing, but I won’t.

The orbs in some of my pictures may have been the mere product of dust, or something else, in my lens. Just as I am open to the possibility that they could have been something from another realm which mankind has yet to fully comprehend. The fairies that the paranormal investigators caught on camera might have been nocturnal insects -too difficult to see with the naked eye at that hour- that appeared to be something magical because of the flash. I couldn’t say for sure, however, keeping in mind that I am unaware of what kind of creatures may fly around at that time of night. Maybe there aren’t any night flyers of that size in Cassadaga. Maybe these winged creatures in the picture are indeed something from another world that can only be caught on camera. For now this is a mystery to me.

Courtesy of Big City Paranormal

The black cat that came out of nowhere after we tried to communicate with the dead may have been just that, a friendly black cat in search of attention, and nothing more.

Or maybe there is more to it all.

The shadowman that my new friends had caught in their picture, I must admit, has left me baffled (and spooked).

I’ll let you, the reader of this blog, decide for yourself.

Either way, I will use an analogy with respect to my personal lack of concrete findings.

My mother and stepfather currently live in a highly wooded area in Central Florida (about 45 minutes from Cassadaga). On many occasions they have come across a bear or two in their back yard, only a few feet away from the patio. I have also spoken to the neighbors who confirm the same sightings. They have showed me pictures of the bears in the backyard. However, every time I have stayed there for a few days or more, which I have done on and off for the past ten years or so, I have NEVER come across a single bear.

I have even sat on a chair in the patio for hours, peering into the wilderness, just hoping for one to casually rummage its way into my range of vision, but it has never happened.

But just because I have never actually witnessed a bear with my own eyes, I do not deny the fact that others have, nor do I refuse to acknowledge that they, or anything else that we haven’t seen with our own eyes, exist.

Neither should you.

Courtesy of myself





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Never Alone

As I sit in front of my computer, initiating my next blog, I listen to the study drone of the fan beside me, the only audible sound at the moment. There is no one else in the room with me. I am alone.

But then I begin to wonder.

Am I really?

Most healthy human beings have five senses which we use to perceive the world around us, and almost all believe in the notion that “what you see is what you get”.

But what if there is actually an entirely different world around us than that which we see on a regular basis?

I’m sure all of us, at least at one time in our lives, have had that peculiar sensation that someone is watching us, even when we were alone, as crazy as that may sound.

On rare occasions some of us might see something out of the corner of our eye, or feel an odd sensation, or even hear a brief voice in our ears. We usually think nothing of it and refer to it as “just our imagination”.

I personally believe there is a lot more to our world than we think.

But what?

Or who?

Recently, I was spending some time with an uncle of mine in the backyard of my home. We were talking about my father, his brother, who passed away about five years ago. He told me he was closer to my father than anyone else in the family.

He told me that if the dead really had the capabilities of communicating with the living, he would have received a signal from my father by now.

The sun had just gone down, and we sat under the newly visible stars on the concrete table, a place where my deceased father had sat many times when he’d been alive.

“Let’s see if we can communicate now,” I told my uncle. He paused and gave me an inquisitive look, uncertain as to whether I was joking or not.

“Come on Rob, only stupid people believe in that kind of stuff,” he said.

“Let’s give it a try,” I insisted.

I took an empty glass and placed it on the edge of the table.

“Let’s see if we can get my father to knock the glass off the table,” I suggested.

“Ready?” I began. “Father, if you can hear us, knock the glass off the edge.”

My uncle regarded me with suspicion, as I had anticipated, probably wondering if the only thing that had already gone off the edge was my sanity. He then said, “If it falls off the edge, you pick up the mess!”

“If it falls off the edge I think both of us will end up screaming and running into the house like little kids,” I said, finally putting a smile on his face.

We both remained silent for a moment. Then I repeated: “Come on Dad! If you’re here with us then knock the glass off the table!”

“This is insane!” my uncle insisted.

“Come on Dad! Do it! Do it!’

My uncle gave up resisting and suddenly joined in. “Come on brother! You can do it! Knock it off the table!”

The both of us fervently repeated the same words several times (Luckily the neighbors weren’t there to call the friendly men in white coats).

Nothing happened.

“I told you it’s not real. When you die you die! End of story,” my uncle said, slightly ashamed at his own participation in my improvised (and not so sophisticated) séance.

That night I went to bed with a cloud of disappointment floating around my head. I had some trouble sleeping. After a few hours of tossing and turning in the dark, I heard a sudden “plop” sound. Something had fallen to the floor.

I immediately stood up, turned on the light, and found my notebook, which probably weighs a little less than a pound, lying in the middle of the floor. It had fallen from the nightstand which stands against the wall, to a spot where the only way it could have landed is if an external force had pushed it. Something which could not be mathematically explained otherwise.

Was this a delayed reaction to my earlier attempts at communicating with the dead?


I’m going to be perfectly honest. As previously mentioned in earlier writings, my intention with this blog is not to convince anyone of anything in particular. My only objective is for people to open their minds to the possibilities surrounding them and realize that not everything in nature is as simple and decipherable as it seems.

On the other hand, I myself tend to be skeptical of anything I hear or read which may be farfetched. I’ve watched the occasional TV show about supposed reality ghost hunters and categorize anything I see on television as extremely dubious, taking into consideration the capitalist nature of today’s entertainment sources which are on a perpetual hunt for ratings.

However, I don’t discard –at least not completely- things I hear from those that I know well and trust. An aunt of mine recently told me she believes something very strange is happening in her house because she often feels as if someone is suddenly lying on her bed even though there is no one there. Her husband, one of the most skeptical individuals I have ever met, is now also convinced that there is something inexplicable, and rather terrifying, in their home.

I have a cousin who has dedicated himself to communicating with the dead where he lives, in the state of Nevada, USA. He often teams up with a small group of individuals and spends the night in places (such as old hospitals and reformatories) which are widely believed to harbor the spirits of hundreds of people who have died in the same exact place.

He uses tools known as “dousing rods” (as often seen on the paranormal TV shows) and claims to have conversations with the dead whenever he visits these places.

(Aside from the notebook inexplicably tossing itself to the floor, I have had one other experience which I believe initiated my fascination with the unknown, read more about it here

I have also met people in person who claim to have been born with a gift, those who can actually see (or at least believe they can) and feel the souls of the deceased all around them on a regular basis. One woman once told me that “spirits are everywhere, at all times”, a confession that didn’t help me sleep easy that night, I must admit.


“What do they look like?” I had asked her. “It’s not like in the movies,” she said. “The things I see are difficult to explain to the average person. They’re more like shadows, but only in a strange way.”

Putting things into perspective, how many microorganisms are living all around us that we cannot see? These are forms of life that are only visible by way of specialized microscopes. They live on our bed sheets, in our hair, even on our skin and inside our bodies, but we’re normally completely unaware of their presence.


There may also be things out there that cannot be seen even by way of modern technology, at least not yet.

And here I am, still sitting in my chair in front of the computer, listening to the drone of the fan, actually believing that I am completely alone.

How foolish of me.


If you have had any personal experiences with the world beyond, I’d love to hear from you…….





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Are we all connected?


Many belief systems insist that all living things are somehow connected, that our own actions and even our own thoughts produce reverberations at a universal level, though often too subtly to be consciously perceived by other human beings on Earth.

Which makes me think: What if we are somehow connected to places that are currently too far for us to even take into consideration? And if there is indeed an infinite amount of life similar to that on Earth on other planets yet to be discovered, are we connected to them as well?

Looking at it from a scientific point of view, there may be a great deal of evidence to validate this notion.

It’s pretty common for the average human to demonstrate at least some curiosity with regards to their family background. But how far back can we account for? To what depth can people of “Italian” ancestry inquire until they weren’t yet “Italians”? Where were your grandparents great grandparents great great grandparents (just keep going until you’re about to go crazy……) from?

As human beings, we can most likely trace our origins not to Italy or Germany or even China, but to central Africa, where the first anatomically modern Homo sapiens came into existence around 200,000 years ago.  But what about the days before that era?


In the United States it’s very common to hear people say “I’m half Irish,” or “I’m a quarter German,” or “I’m three fourths Italian”.  When people ask me about my ethnic background, I usually tell them, with great pride and enthusiasm, that “I’m about seventy five percent water and eleven percent carbon”.

Truthfully, most of us consider ourselves separate from everything else. Historically, we believe we are the country that we live in (American, Mexican, Irish etc.), the race we belong to or even the planet we live on. We consider extraterrestrials as scary looking beings from outer space with green skin, beady eyes and about as tall as Elementary School children, never taking into consideration the fact that our origins, our very own biological components, did not necessarily originate on planet Earth but from the far reaches of the universe.

I recently read an article on Time Magazine (titled Aliens Among Us, by Jeffrey Kluger) about how certain meteors found on Earth have been found to contain amino acids and nucleobases, both of which assist in the formation of DNA and RNA, which can lead us to believe that life on this planet may have been the product of falling debris from an entirely different solar system, or somewhere even farther, a hypothesis known as panspermia.


Some of this debris has been proven to come from other planets (as was the case with the Tissint meteorite found in Morocco in 2011 which was later proven to have come from Mars because of its chemistry and mineralogy), the possible results of earlier meteor collisions which caused the expulsion of rocks –some of which contain organic material- from a given planet’s surface and into outer space, some of which later made its way to Earth.

Many of these particles may have fallen to Earth from the distant reaches of the universe say, 4 billion years ago, or so, in a place perfectly apt for these once extraterrestrial components to evolve into bacteria and other forms of life, which eventually led to all things flourishing with life today, including all the animals in the animal kingdom, and we as humans are no exception to this astronomically extended family. 

The fact of the matter is, we’re all connected in one way or another, from the fish in the nearest lake to the roaches in our pantries, and, of course, all other human beings. Even Democrats and Republicans (whether you like it or not) are all connected. And it’s not just on our planet, the connections are everywhere. Who’s to say that our very same physical components haven’t also been spread out onto other planets in distant galaxies that we have not yet discovered, planets with similar conditions as ours? Wouldn’t it be strange to think that you might have a cousin, who is just as unaware of your existence as you are of his (or hers), living in a world that is a good twenty million light years away (or more, or less)?

I just hope I don’t some day end up having to send an expensive birthday gift to my fourteen trillionth cousin on planet Niburu a few gazillion miles south of Miami.


But what if there is a lot more to this metaphysical mumbo jumbo than we dare to believe or attempt to comprehend? What if there really is one single source that is the origin of everything and anything we could ever imagine, that which has spread -either consciously or not- a countless amount of seeds throughout the entire universe? If so, where did this source come from? What is it (Yes, just another topic that religions and entire civilizations around the globe have killed each other over. Let’s keep this peaceful, shall we)?


I’d like to hear your thoughts…..

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